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Don Bajus creative works

Bajus-Jones reel container photo 1_edite

“Minnesota Summer,” ©2021 Don Bajus

Eight-minute commercial animation reel from the early days at Bajus-Jones. (Click arrow to play.)

Bajus-Jones ad.jpeg

Late-1970s ad placed in Millimeter magazine found on Michael Sporn's New York animation company's website. He notes that "Bajus-Jones was a hip studio operating out of Minneapolis. They caught a lot of attention and did excellent character animation."

Bajus-Jones office from Facebook.png

Bajus-Jones office gathering: (left to right) Don, Dave Cornileus, Dean Lindberg, Piep Raid, and Mike.

Rolie Polie Olie.png
Bajus-Jones reel container photo 2.png

Bajus-Jones marketing brochure. (Click on a page to read copy.)

We're Bajus-Jones brochure 1.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 2.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 3.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 4.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 5.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 6.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 7.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 8.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 9.jpg
We're Bajus-Jones brochure 10.jpg
DON BAJUS 20 Barbie.jpg

In 1993, Don became a founder, partner, and creative director in the launch of Windlight Studios. In a basement in downtown Minneapolis, Windlight pioneered computer-aided motion-capture animation. Movements were performed by live actors (including Don) and transferred to computer generated characters. The new technique allowed for greater realism and expression in animation and changed the industry.


Twirling Ballerina Barbie ad (1996)

Don's early motion capture animation included spots for Mattel’s Barbie. 

Tootsie Pop commercial, 1970s.

(Click arrow to play.)

Tang commercial, 1970. 

(Click arrow to play.)

In this animated TV commercial for Tang instant breakfast drink, an alien family laments they are out of their favorite space-age instant beverage and must travel to the Earth to replenish their supply with the humorous intent to barter "moon rocks" for more Tang. (

1985 Clio Award-winning commercial for Kleenex Softique.

(Click arrow to play.)

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